A new year and a new beginning. It started before the 31st of December 2012. My new beginning began on the 16th of December. I flew back home after three years to a whole new world (to quote a famous Disney song). And sure, I saw some unbelievable sights and had many ‘describable’ feelings. One […]


I first heard the word ‘Transition’ while I was volunteering with Sarah Bernays on a research study that explores the lives of children living with HIV. It made sense, you are a child one moment and the next you are a young person with significant new priorities, new friends and a new life ahead of […]


It has been a while since I last entered a blog. The resolution first made when I started blogging just reached it’s first hiccup. But like the current song list I am listening to while I am blogging is titled ” I am a living story. I will not give up.” So here is to […]

Random Thoughts

I realised a couple of days ago that I hadn’t blogged for a long time. But although I wanted to write I was and am still dealing with a writer’s block. I am not sure what to write about and so decided that for this blog I am just going to list the thoughts in […]