It has been a while since I last entered a blog. The resolution first made when I started blogging just reached it’s first hiccup. But like the current song list I am listening to while I am blogging is titled ” I am a living story. I will not give up.” So here is to successfully passing through this hurdle right now while I am writing this blog!

Now THE MOVE has officially happened. I am now in Chennai, India and up for another year of adventure, work and friendships. So far it has been alright. Actually it has been much better than expected. I have moved into a house of fellow career beginners who are ambitious and hard working. I must admit that watching them work hard and organise their lives in India is quite inspiring. You see we are possibly the first generation of ‘independent women’ over the age of 24 years. Therefore, living alone here has challenges that are slightly different from say living alone in London. The challenges are enlightening and if taken in the right spirit very empowering. I suppose the key is to anticipate trouble so that when it does arrive you are well prepared and if it doesn’t you are pleasantly surprised.

The locality is great. It is an area that I have been familiar with for a long time. It is rather nostalgic to be back. This time as a native and not as a foreigner or a holiday goer. I haven’t yet started on figuring my life from here as yet. The past few days have been spent with old friends, lots of talk, journaling and books. In addition to the blog I thought of writing down a few observations from the city. My perspective now is different to the one I had three years ago when I left. The opportunity to truly live in another country has opened my eyes to a few differences in the city already.

Difference have also been of the personal kind. I am no longer the insecure teenager or young adult, always on the look out to impress but rather have come back a mature woman who is very comfortable in her own skin and is less overwhelmed with the city. Perhaps I may be overwhelmed in the next couple of days but it is something that I am better prepared to face now than a few years ago. Reminding myself to stay calm comes more naturally.

I have been feeling this big wave of positive energy. I hope it lasts.





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