The Five Second Rule, “you will never feel like it” and a positive video.

So this blog has now evolved from ‘feelings for London’ into some sort of electronic, partially public diary. I think it is a good thing. I am not good with keeping hush on the good, bad and ugly in my life. Often, it has been the case that the more I talk about it the more solutions have come my way.

So a few days back, owing to the fact that I am an emotional creature (credits- Eve Ensler) I was hurt and confused and outright angry with the treatment of women in places I once considered home. I blogged about it and ended on a positive note. I said something along the lines of good things happening to people who think positively. And today when I checked my inbox a friend of mine forwarded a Youtube series that is being compiled on the issue of violence against women in the city that I will always call home. It is a compilation of men living, working and from Chennai talking against violence against women. I was happ is an understatement, ESPECIALLY when one of them spoke of ‘safety’. In my meter of gender equality or sensitivity, the mark of the concept final ‘arriving’ in a community is that point in one’s life when you can walk down the street without fear of being assaulted or robbed or molested or kidnapped or raped or disfigured by acid. It was great listening to what they had to say.

So that is one positive to my weekend so far.

Then the next issue plaguing my mind was that of continuing my academic interest. As an enthusiastic and outgoing student I have always been a doubtful student and have recently been wondering whether my ‘off days’ are a sign that maybe an academic’s career is not for me and then I came across this TED Talk and realised , well, I will never feel like it.



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