Random Thoughts

I realised a couple of days ago that I hadn’t blogged for a long time. But although I wanted to write I was and am still dealing with a writer’s block. I am not sure what to write about and so decided that for this blog I am just going to list the thoughts in my head as they come to me. They haven’t just come up in my mind but have been around for a while. I just thought that they needed a ‘format’ if I were to put them down in a blog. But then, in hindsight, I am not one for ‘formats’. I do best when on an impulse.

1. My friend and I went to the National Theatre last Saturday night and when I saw St Paul’s Cathedral (and I mention again like a mantra, my most favourite part of the world) I realised its dome looks like a dollop of marshmallow! And I gave my favourite spot a cosmic hug. 

2. On Monday I was at a University Alumni dinner and found on my way to the venue a very fancy looking Indian restraunt called ‘Quilon’. Quilon is a town in Kerala and where my sister was born. Outside also hung a huge Indian flag. The universe was reminding me that December back home was going to be good.

3. Next to where I volunteer at University there is a cute little new age store. I am hoping to pop by there today. I would like to go to one of their classes, talk to their therapists about life, philosophy and their work.

4. This week, The National Portrait Gallery is also on my list of places to see. 

5. I am as curious as a cat. Not in the nosy way but in the tell me your life story, talk to me about your country and culture, in a naive anthropologist sort of way.

6. A new bad habit that I have just spotted. When online I always have my inbox open at one of the tabs and keep looking at the number at the top – the number of emails I have in my inbox. The minute it changes I am most likely to entirely stop what it is that I am doing, even when in the full swing of things and when finally in that space when I have hit concentration to look at what that new email might be.

7. I had tea with my two favourite people in London on Tuesday and heard horses hoofs – nostalgia of when I first heard them outside my dorm room.

8. On Monday I got an email announcing that my M.Sc project supervisor had completed his PhD. My time in London seemed complete somehow. Perhaps that is just the way I am making myself feel as my departure to something new approaches but for now it seems as though there is a sense of completion in the air. I make no complaints , it feels good.

9. I love Disney and although I am way past the age group they would ideally like to target it is a dream to go to Disney World with my first pay cheque!



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