Innovation in India

This is a collection of nine talks about innovation in India.

I read about Mr Arunachalam a few weeks ago. I especially like his story because it shook out a very strong preconcieved notion – that men in India are squirmish about reproductive health -still true but here is man who can lead the way.

In my previous blog I mentioned V Day’s initiative to invole men called V Men. India, we just found our first potential member. I think Mr Arunachalam’s courage in sticking to his invention despite the shrugs and raised eyebrows and the fact that it all started as a way to help his wife is an inspiring and courageous example for men to talk, listen and share.





TED Blog

Arunachalam Muruganantham may not seem like the most obvious person to have started a revolution in sanitary napkins — after all, he is male. But in this funny and uplifting talk, given at the TED Talent Search in Bangalore, Muruganantham describes how he is enabling women in India to make their own pads — all as a gift for his wife, Shanti.

“What you did in your early marriage days — you tried to impress your wife. I did the same,” says Muruganantham in this talk, describing how he one day noticed his wife carrying something behind her back. “It was a nasty rag cloth — I don’t even use that cloth to clean my two-wheeler.”

It was a moment when Muruganantham realized that his wife had to choose between buying feminine hygiene products and buying milk. And it launched a powerful idea — that making pads would…

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