Proof reading.

Is too cumbersome when you have a lot to say along with the urge to write it all down, AT ONCE. I should start proof reading. For now, if you stumble across my blog, read it and later realised you spent most of your time correcting my grammar and spellings, I am sorry. Obviously my brain is not in sync with my typing speed. 

Look on the bright side. You are reading it ‘exactly’ like how I want it to be told. Proof reading can take away the spontaneity that is the need to share, disrupt the excitement. Rather it turns them into well organised paragraphs. For now I am on ‘post -it’ mode. So go with it.

I proof read this entry! A start.


2 thoughts on “Proof reading.

  1. Quite the contrary. The lovely flow of your writing makes me look beyond the grammatical errors and typos. Big compliment. Right. There.

    – Amy x

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