An attempt.

At the height of the writing madness, it was only madness, no action as  a consequence of the madness has been undertaken for sometime now. I wrote this little piece on Pushkin – the office cat. Now that I started a blog it is time to include it among all the other stories published on the internet.


It was my last day at office. Outside, it was shiny and bright. The sun was at her brightest. She shone on the daffodils, tall roses, plants of all shapes and sizes at her most radiant indeed. It was a beautiful day and made me look forward to a new adventure. Especially since I had read in an email a friend had written me. A quote on it read, “When you are jumping off into the unknown one of two things will happen. One, you will fall on firm ground or two, you will learn to fly.”

I worked at a quaint little suburb in North London called ‘Primerose Hill’. The roads are lined with flowering trees. It is a residential area with many new borns – some crawling, some walking, some enjoying their afternoon siesta in their colourful prams. It is where the new highfliers to the city park their beautiful cars (some old, some very old and some from bygone eras). Just up the road is the corner shop where I often used to buy my lunch and my favourite peanuts. Up the road from there is ‘Primerose Hill’, London’s natural citadel and my luncheon spot for a year. Turn yourself around 360 degrees and you will see all her splendour. Straight ahead you will see the London eye, to the right the old Battersea power station and to the left the cultural and historic streets of East London where our Grandpas may have first come when they alighted their boats at East India Dock.

And in a small house by the side of the rose garden sits Pushy. She is a beautiful cat in her late cat years. Her fur is brown and black and she has very observant green- grey eyes with long black eyelashes. Pushy’s full name is Miss Pushkin Barua. She is a rescue cat who loves mama and papa Barua and her rose garden. When she is not helping us with spellings at the office Pushy tends to her garden with passion! She smells the roses, nibbles on a few leaves and watches her space whilst sitting at a most advantageous spot for viewing her little kingdom, the middle. She especially keeps an eye to see that her territory is guarded. For you see on the other side of the white wooden fence lies Chumsy. Chumsy is a young rescue cat, also from the RSPCA. But unlike Pushy, Chumsy has a great love for the outdoors, especially for her winged comrades on the greens outside. She is gregarious, curious and an avid huntress. Chumsy often visits Pushy’s garden. She sits atop the fence and watches Pushy, who desperate to go out and take a paw out at Chumsy takes to scratching at the French windows that separate her from the garden on these occasions.

On my last day at office Pushy came to pay her customary visit to the office in the afternoon. After a petting session on her chair she jumps onto the computer table to take her place in between the computer screen and myself. She stares at me with her loving big green – grey eyes as if to ask me for a tickle behind her ears and a kiss on her forehead. This time it was special, for after her pamper session Pushy suddenly got up, gingerly crossed over the keyboard and softly jumped onto my lap! It was a momentous occasion! We worked side by side, Pushy often my sole office companion, following the cursor on the screen or just enjoying the warmth radiating out of the screen while I typed and read away, once in a while looking at me as if to say “Keep on Mals I shall watch your back to warn you of the boss approaching while you are on Facebook.” But today there she was, on my lap, looking at me, as if she saved the best for last.  She turned a little tilt, twitched up her ears, looked into this rectangular thing that Marylou was holding and let me have a parting photo!




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