I was thinking about ‘suitable’ titles for my first ever blog and ‘Geronimo’ came to mind. A good choice I think, especially after the Urban Dictionary said that it is to cheer with suicidal intent. Interesting, because through blogging I want to jump into the many adventures that life has to offer me rather than jump to my death. So here is my definition – Geronimo : to dive into with positive intent.

It is one of those things, a need to write. I have told so many of my friends that I want to write. I know that with time I will improve but I ‘need’ to write. And then like all other decisions in my life at the moment I have my moments of fear and doubt. I wonder how long this phase will last and what I will write about and what people will think of my writing and how it will all sound once it is done. Today, I decide that it does not matter. I write because when I describe my experiences to family and friends, when I talk to them about my day and tell them all the adventures I have had today it is always, without question the best part of the day. With a blog I will always remember and I can always share irrespective of distance, time zones or how long I have kept in touch with someone. And unlike in a conversation where it might seem rude to interrupt or abruptly end it one always has the option of simply closing the window and the best part- I will never know and you will be spared my sentimental reproach. A win-win situation!

I am presently in St George’s Circus, London and heading to India shortly. Everyday I feel differently about this. On some days I am teary eyed, on others I am optimistic and just cannot wait for this new chapter in my life. But what I really want to do is to enjoy my next few months in London. I am hesitant to call it my last few months because I sincerely hope it will not be. From now on my plan is to put an effort to experience London all over again. See new places, re-visit old ones, meet and make new friends, just live in the moment however cliched it may sound. I like telling stories and I hope that over the next couple of months I have some brilliant stories to share.



One thought on “Geronimooooo

  1. *Waves* I’ve finally got around to visiting your blog. Will continue reading, but it’s very thoughtful and imaginative so far – keep it up!

    – Amy

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